Client Wellbeing: Choosing Positivity

“Negative thinking is tiring;

positive thinking is invigorating”


When we are stuck in our whirlpool of worries, anxieties, fears and pessimism, we are feeding our mind with negativity. We may not realise it, but our negative thinking saps a lot of our mental energy. It’s also a very addictive thought pattern, where our worries snowballs into bigger worries, and our fear grows even larger if it’s not curtailed. So ironically, as we worry about the future, we take away precious mental energy that could be used to deal with whatever the future brings.

Positive thinking, on the other hand, is when we approach whatever life has brought to us, or will bring to us, with an open and optimistic attitude. Gearing our minds in this way, our attitude inspires us with hope for the future, and we are more likely to turn adversity into opportunities. So positive thinking not only saves us mental energy by stopping negativity in its tracks, it also boosts our energy and invigorates our enthusiasm.

The practice is to notice the times when we are stuck in negative thinking. Even the simply act of identifying the negativity would be enough to stop it even just for a moment. Each time you are able to pause the cycle of negativity, make a conscious choice on how you want to proceed. Do you choose to continue with the negative thought patterns of worry, anxiety and fear, or do you choose to let this negativity go and replace it with a positive outlook that embraces life instead? Make your choice, and investigate into how your choices shape your life.

Some people say that worry and anxieties are inherent to their personality and they can’t change it. I say that negative thinking is merely a habit that’s ingrained, seemingly difficult to change. Though, however difficult it may seem, it is still possible to change by injecting positivity into our lives…one thought at a time.

* Article published as part of the “Metta Legal Client Wellbeing Series”