Our Fees

Although good legal advice is priceless, we understand that clients would want to know upfront what the likely legal costs will be and how it will be calculated. Therefore at our firm we have the options of fixed fee and time-billing costing, depending on the needs of our clients and their cases.

The Initial Consultation

Every case is different. Our lawyers are trained to be agile and sensible in how we approach every case, so as to come up with solutions and options that fit your situation. This is why our initial consultations with our clients are important. In that meeting, we take the time to understand your situation and needs, and we advise you on what the options are available to you to best meet those needs. Depending on the option that you choose, we can provide you with a written quote that is either fixed fee or time-billed, so you know what to expect. If we are retained on a time-billed basis, we will provide itemised invoices for the work that we have done.

The Initial Consultation usually takes an hour, and we will provide you with advice on your case. The consultation fee is $300 plus GST.

You can make an appointment for our Initial Consultation by contacting our office on 02 9740 4700.