Access to justice is an important part of our Australian legal system. Legal Aid NSW and Community Legal Centres play an integral part in assisting those requiring financial assistance to access the legal system.

At Metta Legal, we play our part by providing quality legal assistance and advocacy to clients referred to us from Legal Aid NSW and Community Legal Centres. Of course, we also accept work from the general public directly, and assist them with their application to Legal Aid.


To be eligible for legal aid, you must meet the following criteria set out by Legal Aid:

  1. Means test: your income and assets must be below an amount set by Legal Aid. To assess whether you meet the means test, use theĀ Means Test IndicatorĀ available on the Legal Aid website;
  2. Merits test: your case must have a likelihood of success and funding from Legal Aid needs to be justified to achieve the desired outcome; and
  3. Legal Aid policy guidelines: these are available for viewing on the Legal Aid website.


If you wish to apply for Legal Aid, or wish to discuss about your eligibility, you can contact our office for a free consultation. As part of our commitment to allowing greater access to justice, there is no charge for us to complete this application form for you. We will also submit all completed applications electronically from our system online, so you can ensure your application will be received by Legal Aid.

For more detailed informationĀ please visit the Legal Aid website.