Cultural & Linguistic Diversity in the Family Law System

Please join us as we unpack what it means to provide cultural safety in the family law system for culturally and linguistically diverse communities. You will hear our expert speakers discuss what does cultural safety mean from a court and community perspective? What are some of the challenges faced in achieving cultural safety? What kind of resources are available in the community and the court? What can practitioners do & how can they assist the community to ensure cultural safety with clients?


Tina Ng – Principal Solicitor, Metta Legal (Emcee)

Senior Registrar Dinh Tran – FCFCOA

Kittu Randhawa – Project Lead, ICSA

Biljana Milosevic – Director, Jannawi Family Centre

When: Wed 23 Nov | 4.30-6.30pm

Where: Parramatta Registry of the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia

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