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Metta LegalThe mission of Metta Legal is helping people and changing lives. To do this, we recognise a need to maintain our adaptive edge, meeting the ever-changing needs of our clients, the legislative framework and the society we find ourselves in.

Metta Legal is founded on three guiding principles:

1. To act with integrity: In our dealings with the Court, with our clients, and with other members of the profession, we strive to act ethically, honestly and in accordance with the law. Our integrity in the way we handle our clients’ case reflects on our clients and their reputations as law-abiding and credible.

2. To act with mindfulness: We take care in dealing with our client’s matters, because we take the time to care for them and their matter. Part of that process is to act with mindfulness, carefulness, and focus.

3. To act with equanimity: Although many of our clients are understandably emotional as they deal with the difficult situations they’ve been placed in, we aim to act with the required composure to assist them through their difficulty.  Moreover, as our client’s independent legal advisors, we provide them with impartial and honest advice about their case, free from emotional or personal judgment.

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