Family Law

We recognise the value in resolving family cases allows parties to heal, move on with their lives & increase the chance to retain a parenting relationship with the other party that is child-focussed.

Children’s Law

For Child Protection cases, we advise and advocate for parents and children in Care Proceedings in the Children’s Court, District Court and Supreme Court.


We can help you buy your dream home or investment, or sell your real property. Our lawyers will take care of the whole process, and work with your financier and agent to ensure a smooth settlement.

Wills & Estates

We prepare and review wills, and take the time to understand you wishes and your loved ones’ needs to ensure that your will, power of attorney and appointment of
guardianship is drafted correctly.


We advise and assist executors to obtain grants of probate from the Supreme Court or prepare Letters of Administration, depending on what your matter requires.



Legal advice

Our team of lawyers and assistants are here to understand and advise you on your legal matter. Our initial consultations allow us to answer your questions and advise you of your options.

Court Advocacy

Our lawyers travel all over Australia for court cases, and also act as agents for other lawyers in attending mentions and running court hearings.



We are trained to assist in mediations to resolve matters before or during court proceedings, by offering creative solutions and proposals. We attend mediations at our office and anywhere in Australia



Our lawyers can assist you in negotiating with the other party to help settle your case by preparing written offers of settlement and holding telephone settlement conferences.

Drafting agreements

If the parties reach a settlement, our lawyers can advise and prepare the necessary legal documents to ensure the agreement is solidified in writing and enforceable by the law.

Mentoring Program

Our Mentoring Programs have trained 14 mentees to learn professional and personal skills. Each mentee is personally trained and supervised in the program to support them in their careers.